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  • Friday, April 01, 2016

    Madison Square Garden Unveils Design For New, State-of-the-Art Center-Hung Multi-Media Display

    New York, NY, October 21, 2013 – Madison Square Garden unveiled today the design for the Arena’s new state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind, center-hung multi-media display. The display will serve as the centerpiece of The Garden’s brand-new LED video display system, known as GardenVision, which will debut on October 25 as part of the third and final phase of The Garden’s unprecedented, $1 billion, three-year Transformation. This cutting-edge system will include more than 20 individually produced LED displays, providing fans with an enhanced visual experience while at The World’s Most Famous Arena.

    “With the completion of our historic Madison Square Garden Transformation, The World’s Most Famous Arena has also now become the world’s most state-of-the-art arena, ensuring that we continue our tradition of providing our fans with the very best experience possible when they attend an event at The Garden,” said Hank Ratner, president and chief executive officer, The Madison Square Garden Company. “Among the many new technological advancements in the Arena is our new one-of-a-kind GardenVision system, featuring the industry’s most dynamic multi-media display with a unique circular design and stunning image clarity, guaranteeing fans all around the Arena will get to experience the magic and excitement of The Garden up-close and in high-definition.”

    This new, original multi-media display will consist of 24 individual high-definition LED displays, which are curved to mirror the circular design of The Garden, providing maximum visibility to all seating areas. The scoreboard will be one of two structures in all of sports with LED displays on the inside, bottom for those seated in the lower sections. The main video displays are capable of showing one large image all the way around the board to highlight live video and instant replays, and can also be divided into separate screens to show a variety of vivid graphics, colorful animations, up-to-the-minutes statistics, scoring information and promotional videos. The center-hung video displays will have a unique all-black LED package, providing maximum image clarity and contrast.

    About MSG’s GardenVision Multi-Media Display:

    • The four main video displays measure 15.7 feet tall by 28 feet wide. Directly above those displays are four auxiliary video displays measuring more than 6 feet tall by 29 feet wide.
    • The corners of GardenVision contain four curved displays matching the height of the main video displays and four more curved displays matching the height of the auxiliary displays to create a full circular video board.
       The inside bottom screens will provide up-to-the-minute statistics, game information, as well as replays.
    • The top of GardenVision contains an ID ring consisting of a backlit LED panel that is more than 2 feet tall and circles the entire top of the structure.
    • In addition, internal structural accommodations in GardenVision for Wi-Fi, IT and broadcast equipment will improve Wi-Fi coverage throughout the Arena, provide new unique and compelling camera angles for MSG Network and is set up for future technological advances.
    • The board can be lowered and expanded for different events.

    Madison Square Garden’s new video display system was developed and installed by Daktronics, the world's industry leader in designing and manufacturing electronic scoreboards, programmable display systems and large screen video displays.

    “Madison Square Garden wanted the very best and we’re proud to deliver that to them,” said Vice President of Daktronics Live Events Jay Parker. “The curvature of the main video displays offers Madison Square Garden something that’s never really been done before in this type of application. It’s very unique and fitting for this venue. The underside displays serve as additional space for any form of content and really exemplify how different this display system is from every other venue in the country. The flexibility and content options present endless possibilities for this versatile set up. This project has been a great undertaking and it was a joy to work with such great people at Madison Square Garden, we are excited to see everything fired up and running for their first event.”

    The Garden’s state-of-the-art center-hung multi-media display serves as the centerpiece of the GardenVision system, which extends throughout the arena and includes:

    • Three LED displays on both the north and south end of the new Chase Bridges, which feature a combination of video and game statistics.
    • Four long, curved LED ribbon displays on two different levels of the seating bowl.
    • For basketball games, on the sidelines there will be seven sections of LED scorer’s table displays, which can be connected to showcase additional up-to-the-minute statistics, marketing partners and promote upcoming events.

    On October 25, The Garden will unveil the third and final phase of the Arena’s comprehensive, top-to-bottom Transformation. In addition to the new state-of-the-art GardenVision center-hung scoreboard, other new elements that will debut include a transformed Chase Square 7th Avenue entrance that is nearly double in size and features a retail store, a brand new box office, a broadcast location, and a specific area dedicated to The Garden of Dreams Foundation, the non-profit organization that works closely with MSG to help children facing obstacles. Also debuting will be two new spectacular Chase Bridges that deliver one-of-a-kind views of the action; a new EIGHTEEN/76 Balcony (10th floor) offering a selection of new food and beverage options and unique seating lounges with direct views into the Arena bowl; a new Signature Suite Level (9th floor) featuring 18 completely transformed suites and the restoration of The Garden’s world-famous ceiling.

    The historic Transformation of Madison Square Garden has provided fans with an upgraded experience and enhanced amenities from the first row to the last. From the expanded concourses and first-class food and beverage options, to the larger, more comfortable seats and enhanced sightlines, to the special exhibits celebrating The Garden’s unrivaled history, the new state-of-the-art Arena reinforces the building’s position as The World’s Most Famous Arena.