The Knicks Fix Video Blog: Wally Szczerbiak, Part II

As we approach the 2014-15 season-opener, MSG Network’s Alan Hahn will invite special guests to talk about the past and current Knicks teams in a special video version of his The Knicks Fix podcast.

In Part II of Hahn’s conversation with former NBA All-Star and MSG Network analyst Wally Szczerbiak, the two discuss the triangle offense.

Szczerbiak has plenty of experience defending the triangle, having gone up against Phil Jackson’s Lakers many times in his career.

“It’s so good with spacing,” Szczerbiak said. “That’s going to help Carmelo Anthony a lot.”

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for more video from Hahn’s conversation with Szczerbiak and the complete interview in an upcoming edition of The Knicks Fix podcast.

However, Szczerbiak warns that it might not be an instant success.

“A lot of these guys have spent their whole careers in a different system,” Szczerbiak said.  “It’s going to take some time to adjust to this offense when you’re not accustomed to it.”

We’ll find out how the Knicks are adjusting when they take the court for their season opener against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday, Oct 29.