Mario Batali’s Mask Design


“If there is anything I love more than hockey, it’s good food,” Henrik said before designing a mask with celebrity chef, Mario Batali. Both men are passionate about food and New York, so bringing that passion into the mask was simple.

Batali eagerly pitched his design idea: an image of him riding his Vespa in his signature orange Crocs, down the hill of Mount Vesuvius while holding a basket of tomatoes, with lava flowing behind him. The cartoon nature of the mask reflects Batali’s energy and excitement when it comes to food as well as his attitude toward life.

Batali also wanted to include one of his great loves, pizza, along with the saying “Pizza is truth.” Henrik proposed juxtaposing the Italian side of the mask with a New York side to reflect Batali and his hometown.

The mask features classic New York imagery such as the Little Italy’s cross streets of Mott and Grand, the Brooklyn Bridge on a starry night, and Batali’s own restaurant, Babbo. This mask highlights the love that Batali and Henrik have for food and New York in a creative and passionate way.