The Start of a Beautiful Friendship


This picture documents the day when Kalinsky first met Clyde. Clyde was the star of the Southern Illinois Salukis, while Kalinsky was recently employed by The Garden as its photographer.

In 1967, the Salukis played in the NIT (National Invitation Tournament) at The Garden.  The night ended with Southern Illinois winning the championship and Clyde receiving the MVP award – and Kalinsky captured that moment.

“This was the first time I really photographed him with personality and not playing. The ceremony was going on and the reporters were talking to him, so I guess in between reporters, I introduced myself and we started talking and somehow we got into kids. We were talking about interests, etc.”


“He told me that he still really feels comfortable being with kids. Because kids are honest – they’re truthful and he enjoys helping them. Especially those who need help. So I remember that as the first conversation we ever had. It was 10 minutes or 20 minutes after taking the photograph. So he lucked into playing in the NIT at Madison Square Garden, lucked out to win the MVP and lucked out to have his whole career at Madison Square Garden.”