Lou Lamoriello‘s quest for a newer-look Devils has begun. Where the retooling stops, only Lou knows.

This much is certain; the Devils’ boss did very well by his franchise, obtaining not one but two draft picks for Jaromir Jagr, the surprisingly adept senior citizen who played a lot better in New Jersey than anyone ever had expected.

Because of Jagr’s scoring profligacy, the Devils obtained a second-rounder in the 2015 Entry Draft with a conditional third-rounder in 2016 as the extra-added attraction few expected to come Lou’s way.

“This is not just a trade for the sake of a trade,” Lamoriello explained. “We know the value of draft picks and we know the timing of certain things.

“We also know our players here. I’m expecting both Martin Havlat and Michael Ryder to come forward and I’m expecting other people in our lineup to take it and run with it.”

With the trade deadline just around the calendar, Lou indicated that he still might make a move — or two — if the right deal can be made.

In this case, the clock is ticking fast and that explains why many onlookers were surprised at the speed with which the Jagr deal was consummated.

Lamoriello: “Timing is something that sometimes you can’t control. The deal gave us an opportunity to acquire two picks that we feel can help us in the future.”

And speaking of timing, the trade deadline arrives on Monday, 3 p.m.

Between now and then, enjoy the frenzy!