Michael J. Fox’s Mask Design


Check out Hank's new goalie mask that actor Michael J. Fox helped design on the fourth episode of "The Mask With Henrik Lundqvist."


When Henrik Lundqvist teamed up with actor and advocate, Michael J. Fox, to design a mask, past and present came together to create an epic piece. In a comical nod to Fox’s last name and acting career, the mask has a cartoon fox coming out of the sunroof of the classic “Back To The Future” DeLorean.

One of the best features on the mask is the other tribute to “Back To The Future;” a depiction of the classic movie poster depicting Fox stepping out of the DeLorean, and checking his watch. Even the dates of time travel that were featured in the movie made it on the mask!

Family man Fox also included his four children’s initials on the back. Henrik and Fox also decided to include their home city of New York on the mask.

They included the Ranger’s logo, written in the “Back To The Future” font, as well as a picture of the Statue of Liberty. This mask is a great combination of both men and the things they are truly passionate about.