Bill Pidto: Purely Genuine

I am a New York Native whose first exposure to sports was watching those championship Knicks teams in the 1970s. They were a group that captivated the entire city, and Clyde was always our family’s favorite. He was so cool on the court, never seeming to break a sweat. And off the court, he was, of course, a trendsetter.

The transcendent nature of Clyde’s appeal is best illustrated by how much my mother adored him. My mother was not much of a sports fan – and far from a basketball expert – but she loved Clyde because, as she said, he was just “so cool.”

My mom passed away in 1989. She would be thrilled that I now work at MSG and am a colleague of Clyde’s.

If I could, I would tell my mom what makes Clyde’s greatness even more special is how nice and gracious he is to all of us, and to anyone who approaches him.

And his popularity is still such that my young cousin’s son desperately wanted Clyde to autograph his basketball. When I asked Clyde if he would mind, of course Clyde’s response was, “Not at all. Would love to do it.”