Danny Bhoy Facts

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1. Danny Bhoy was born on Jan. 17, 1974 in Moffat, Scotland.

2. He has performed in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, United States and Sweden.

3. Danny Bhoy is his stage name, his real name is Danni Chaudhry.

4. He created his stage name from his Grandma’s nickname for him “Danny Boy” but he added an “H” because a performing dog already registered that name.

5. He began stand up in 1998 after seeing a comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival.

6. A year later he won The Daily Telegraph Newcomer Award.

7. In 2001, he joined the Edinburgh Festival this time as a performer and sold out his three week run.

8. Two years later his comedy went international when he performed at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

9. In 2009, he performed the final show at Her Majesty’s Theatre in Perth.

10. He recorded a Comedy Central special in 2010 called Subject to Change.

11. He currently has four stand-up DVDs.

12. He has been in episodes of fifteen TV shows.

13. He is currently touring in the United Kingdom.

14. He classifies his style of comedy as observational.