If you had the opportunity to invite anybody in history – dead or alive — to the dinner table, who would it be and why?

That’s the question posed to Chris Rock, Deon Cole, Chris Cuomo and Keith Bulluck on the premiere episode of Four Courses With JB Smoove, as JB and the celebs broke bread at The Cutting Room restaurant here in New York. In a thought-provoking and hilarious conversation, the panel explained their choices.

One of the more provocative answers came from none other than Chris Rock, who stated that he would invite Adolph Hitler and Steven Spielberg to dinner. Why?

“I would just want to see how many courses could happen before Steven Spielberg would kick Hitler’s [butt]!” he exclaimed. “He would beat him Joe Pesci ‘Goodfellas’ style.”

Chris Cuomo answered that he would invite Jesus to the dinner table although Rock wasn’t going for the idea that He would be a great dinner guest. “I’m cool with Jesus, I just think no one is going to get loose at the table.”

You’ll also find out more about each celebrity in this season’s first episode, including:

  • Why a beautiful woman changes the dynamic of the dinner table
  • Which moment made Chris Cuomo convert from being a Mets fan to a Yankees fan
  • What Chris Rock would be doing if he wasn’t famous
  • Would the celebs be happier eating healthier and living longer or eating anything they want and living shorter

Finally, the guys wrapped up with the PONY NYC moment answering this question: New York, Dallas, Chicago and LA go out to dinner. Who picks up the check and why?

Don’t miss the food, fun and laughs Tuesday at 11 PM on MSG.