Programming Note: Episode Three Airs Tuesday at 11 PM on MSG after Knicks Post Game

Known as one of the most provocative characters in television history, Michael K. Williams’s portrayal of Omar Little on the hit series The Wire was groundbreaking.

Playing a tough, rugged street thug on the mean streets of Baltimore, Williams was able to challenge the stereotypes of what tough really means. He explained the dichotomy on Tuesday’s episode of Four Courses With JB Smoove.

“It was Omar’s homosexuality that I was able to find my connection to his character,” Williams said. “I equated homosexuality or being openly gay with being vulnerable … what was hard for me was making all y’all believe that I would really kill you. I found that reality through my vulnerability.”

Another poignant moment from episode three of Four Courses was when comedian Chris Distefano explained his process of telling jokes from his most emotional experiences and how fellow guest Artie Lange helped him during his career.

“In reality, to get the point that was funny, I had to go through a lot of mental pain,” he said. “And those jokes started with tears. Artie told me in the very beginning, ‘make sure you can escape the pain.’”

Other things you’ll see in episode three include:

·         Jay Pharoah’s hilarious impression of JB Smoove

·         A discussion on whether New York is better in the day or at night

·         The merits of double dipping and what constitutes double dipping

·         The PONY NYC Moment – where is the first place you would take a visitor in New York City?

Catch the show Tuesday after post game coverage of the Knicks-Celtics game on MSG.