Would you rather be consistently good for a long time or be great for just a short period time?

That was the thought-provoking question JB Smoove asked his guests – George Wallace, Michael Rapaport, Robert Kelly and Charles Smith – on the second episode of this season’s Four Courses With JB Smoove.

Wallace said he wanted to be just consistent throughout … for a very special reason.

“I am the most successful person in the world and everybody does not know my name,” he said. “But I can go pee!”

Smith differed with the veteran comic and provided his reason why he would choose being great.

“I would take the three years if I had to really work hard to go from good to great,” the former Knick said. “Because that experience, from going from good to great, will is going to carry me on for the rest of the my life even if they’re not saying my name.”

What would you take?

Other topics of conversation at the dinner table:

·         The talents, merits and looks of some of Hollywood’s biggest actors

·         Why 21 Jump Street actors Richard Greico and Johnny Depp had diverging paths to their careers

·         George Wallace’s special relationship with friend and fellow comedian, Jerry Seinfeld.

You’ll also learn why Wallace has a family connection to seven Super Bowl rings and why he believes that the Braves and Falcons are in some way related to Chick-fil-A.

Catch the show Sunday on MSG after coverage of the Knicks-Warriors game.