Programming Note: Episode Five Airs Tuesday at 11:30 PM on MSG after Knicks-Wizards

Every morning Al Roker serves as one of the hosts on NBC’s Today. But is there a time when America’s leading weatherman shows off – gulp – his dark side?

It actually does come out, especially if you’re his daughter and you have a messy room.

“My daughter – my middle girl – her room was a mess,” Roker said on the next episode of Four Courses With JB Smoove. “And I kind of lit into her. All of a sudden, she burst into tears and said ‘this isn’t fair! America sees the happy Al Roker! They don’t ever see this Al Roker!’”

The self-deprecating Queens native is a part of an All-Star cast on Episode 5 of Four Courses. Joined by Michael Ian Black, Rocco DiSpirito and Daymond John, Roker provides some memorable anecdotes including the time he had his own version of “live streaming” on the air.  Tasked with being on the air for 34 straight hours, the 61-year-old explained his ordeal.

“We had never done anything like this, we were kind of doing it on the cheap so we didn’t have a lot of technical support,” he explained.  “About two hours in, I had to go to the bathroom. They forgot to turn off my mic. So I literally was live streaming on the air.”

Here’s more of what to expect in Episode 5:

·         Why JB would make a great black James Bond

·         How Rocco’s mother influenced his cooking

·         The special dish Rocco made for the guests on Four Courses and why it’s healthy

·         The PONY NYC Moment – The best mode of transit in New York: Taxi, bus or subway?

Don’t miss the fun Tuesday after Knicks-Wizards post coverage on MSG.