Hogan’s Highlights: Ending The Road Trip On A High Note

Now that’s how you end a road trip.

I stood in the hallway by our post game interview area watching Cal Clutterbuck’s game-winner against the Rangers on a 12-inch monitor. I didn’t have Howie Rose’s call in my ear. The only thing I could hear was the rumble of the Islanders fans spread throughout Madison Square Garden. It was so quick. Yet, I felt like I watched the play happen in slow motion.

I know what people were thinking: “Less than two minutes to play and Capuano is going with the fourth line?” I probably would have said that out load about four months ago. Now, I understand how special Cal Clutterbuck, Casey Cizikas and Matt Martin really are. Jack Capuano realized some would be skeptical of his coaching decision, especially with the score tied and just over eight minutes to go in regulation. After the win, he explained why the fourth line was put in.

Clutterbuck was also interviewed during the post game show on MSG Networks. What you didn’t see was the giant grin on his face as he joked with me nodding my head as we waited for Howie and Butch Goring to toss it down for the interview. Cal just netted his biggest goal of the year and was channeling his inner “Anchor Man” as he put his finger to his ear and said,“Hello? Yes, I can hear you. Yes, I’m ready for the interview.” The fans at home saw Clutterbuck replay the game-winner in a humble manner as he gave credit to linemate Casey Cizikas. Giving credit where credit is due is very typical by the Isles fourth line. Every time we chat with Casey during intermission, he never takes full credit for scoring a goal. It’s always about his linemates

So, when discussing the latest rivalry matchup against the Rangers with your coworkers, I bet most thought the seven-goal first period was the highlight. For me, watching Clutterbuck celebrate the game-winner at The Garden to cap of a 6-1-0 road trip was a ‘Hogan highlight.’

And, with that, I’ve decided to call my blog “Hogan’s Highlights.” No, I’m not going to do play-by-play of the best goals of the week. I’m going to continue to share what I consider highlights for the Islanders, our road trip adventures and each week of hockey I have the pleasure of covering.

Here are some extras from the rest of our Canadian adventure this past week.

I had a great seven mile run on our off day in Vancouver. Stanley Park is spectacular and a must-see if you’re planning a visit to the Pacific Northwest.

I ate some amazing sushi at a cool place in the Yaletown neighborhood. They use little blowtorches and charcoal to sear the top of the fish on some of their rolls.

In Edmonton, we went to the West Edmonton Mall. Until 2004, it was the world’s largest mall. Now it’s just the biggest in North America. I was impressed with the indoor water park.

They even had a rollercoaster and other rides.

Also, a few times a day you could catch a sea lion show in the middle of the mall near the giant pirate ship.

Plus, our crew even played mini golf. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures from that round. From what I gather, it was a close match and there were a couple scoring issues on the last hole. I was busy actually shopping, which is what most people do at malls.