Four Days in October

When the night of Oct. 16, 2004 came to a merciful end, the Curse of the Bambino was alive and well. The vaunted Yankee lineup, led by Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, and Gary Sheffield, had just extended their ALCS lead to three games to none, pounding out 19 runs against their hated rivals. The next night, in Game 4, the Yankees took a 4-3 lead into the bottom of the ninth inning, then turned the game over to Mariano Rivera, the best relief pitcher in postseason history, to secure yet another trip to the World Series. But after a walk and a hard-fought stolen base, the cold October winds of change began to blow. Over four consecutive days and nights, this unlikely group of Red Sox miraculously won four straight games to overcome the inevitability of their destiny. Using extensive archive coverage from that week, Major League Baseball Productions will produce a film in “real-time” that takes an in-depth look at the 96 hours that brought salvation to Red Sox Nation and made baseball history in the process. – ESPN FILMS “30 for 30”

Gary Waksman — IMDb

October 5, 2010 (ESPN)

“If you’re a Red Sox fan, there is no chance that it won’t push all of the right buttons and leave you emotional and misty-eyed.” — HITFIX

“It’s all assembled pretty well, and the Red Sox faithful will doubtless be happy to relive the most exquisite time of their sporting lives.” — THE A.V. CLUB