This Is What They Want

“This is What They Want” is an examination of Jimmy Connors’ career told through the lens of the 1991 U.S. Open, when Connors so famously played at the age of 39 past five challengers, through an epic contest with Aaron Krickstein, and all the way to the semi-finals before being stopped by Jim Courier. But it’s not just an examination of that tournament: it’s a look at how Connors and the colleagues/adversaries of his heyday re-invented tennis in the first decade of the Open era to be a high-octane spectator sport for the whole country, colored by intense competitors with strong personalities and towering, well-matched talents. And it’s an exploration of the way “character” players like Connors changed the game and carved out legacies through their careers on the court. – ESPN FILMS “30 for 30”

Brian Koppelman (IMDb) & David Levien (IMDb)

October 29, 2013 (ESPN)

“If for nothing else, This Is What They Want is worth watching this for the story about Krickstein and Connors’ relationship since that famous match.” — USA TODAY’S FOR THE WIN

“What makes the film so pleasurable is the way it’s as much an appreciation of being a spectator to a momentous sporting event as it is an appreciation of the guy playing in it..” — INDIEWIRE