Press Pause on the Panic Button

Three down, 79 regular season games to go. I overheard a fan saying that on the concourse after the Isles home-opener on Sunday and it made me think…

It’s never fun when the Isles lose the first game of the season and it’s certainly disappointing when they lose to the Rangers. Follow that up with a one-goal loss to Alex Ovechkin and Washington, and I get it, you’re frustrated.

But so were the Isles.

That’s why the first period of Sunday’s home-opener was the best they’ve played all season. Brock Nelson netted his second goal of the season, while Jaroslav Halak and the defense kept the Ducks scoreless.

However, as the game went on, fans were still pretty negative on social media. I believe the team should have been able to wrap Sunday’s game up with a win in regulation, but sometimes that’s now how the cookie crumbles. It took this OT-winner by Josh Bailey to secure the two points.

One of the things I love most about hockey, and hockey fans, is how wrapped up they get in their team. That being said, I agree with the fan I mentioned at the start of this post. There are 79 more games to go. Hold off on the panic button Isles fans; it’s a long season.

I see a lot of good on this team and several things that need to be cleaned up, but I don’t see a reason to get really worked up after just three games. The Isles have a wonderful opportunity over the next few weeks with a ridiculous amount of home games.

The Blue-and-Orange played well at home last year and I think they will pull it together this season too. But before you start mentally trading players away, let’s see how the team is playing in a month’s time.

Until then, when you need a boost or just feel like getting into the spirit, look back at our intermission interview with the original YES! YES! YES! Man, Daniel Bryan.