Red Bulls Adjusting Their Travel Plans to Cheer on Their Reserve Team

HANOVER, N.J. – When the players on the New York Red Bulls say that they’re behind their reserve team in the quest for the USL championship, they literally want to be behind them.

So much so that they’re changing their travel plans for Sunday to be there for their teammates.

Normally when heading off to an away match, the Red Bulls leave via a bus for the team facility to either take a plane or train to their final destination. But given that their match on Sunday at the Philadelphia Union (Live coverage gets under way at 3:30 PM on MSG) is at 4 PM and the USL championship game is 8 PM, that leaves just two hours between the matches to shower, change, do media obligations then grab the bus. It makes for a small window when travel is included.

If the bus arrived back at Hanover where the team has its facility, it’d then be another half-hour to get in their cars and get to Red Bull Arena.

So on Saturday instead of departing from the facility, the Red Bulls will drive to the Arena following training. All the easier by which to cut down on travel time shuttling between the training grounds and the arena.

Such is their desire to support the New York Red Bulls II.

“We’re all coming back on the bus, we’re all going to Red Bull Arena,” Red Bulls coach Jesse Marsch said on Thursday.