Ice Madness BEGINS!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the tournament BEGINS!

(Insert massive pyro display that’s deafeningly loud and looks like it cost $7 million)

From today until the end of March, we will all vote and determine the greatest retro ice hockey video game of all time.

Need the rules and FAQ for the tournament? Check out this post here for all the answers!

In talking to many of you online and the tweets I’ve received, it looks like Blades of Steel and Ice Hockey (NES) are far and away your favorites to win.

Time to announce the 16 retro hockey video games that will battle for all-time supremacy and bragging rights:

Ice Madness Brack Sweet 16

This week (Mar 13-19) will be all about the round of 16 matchups.

Blades of Steel


NHL Stanley Cup Hockey

Hit The Ice


Mario Lemieux Hockey

Mutant League Hockey


ESPN National Hockey Night

NHL 94


Face Off!



Brett Hull Hockey

Ice Hockey (NES)


Pro Sport Hockey

NHL Open Ice 2 on 2 Challenge


Wayne Gretzky Hockey

NHL 95


TV Sports Hockey

Please vote! You determine who moves on to the next round.

My prediction? We will see a semi-final of Blades of Steel, Ice Hockey (NES), NHLPA 93 and NHL 94. But I hope I’m wrong, I love me some big upsets!

It’s Ice Madness, baby! Enjoy the tournament!