MSG Networks Erects New Sign & Video Displays on 7th Avenue

Will Be Seen By More Than One Million People A Day

New York, NY (June 6, 2017) – Brand new MSG Networks (NYSE: MSGN) signage and four state-of-the-art high resolution video screens were revealed today outside of MSG Networks’ street-front studios at 11 Penn Plaza (Southeast corner of 7th Avenue and 32nd Street). The ten-foot long “MSG Networks” logo and four first of its kind (in New York City) 6.67 millimeter (pixel pitch) LED screens were flipped on this morning.

The four nine feet by nine feet LED boards are the first on the east coast to feature high resolution in 6.67 millimeters, which has unmatched clarity. In addition, each board can be individually programmed to the more than one million passersby each day at the busy location across the street from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station.

“These new video displays create another high-impact vehicle to showcase our brands, content, studios and partners,” said Andrea Greenberg, president and CEO, MSG Networks. “This will be a great opportunity to promote our award-winning content to a million people that pass by every day.”

“We are proud to be the first company in New York City with dynamic displays of this technology and clarity,” said Gerard Passaro, senior vice president, network and technical operations.

The MSG Networks logo will shine at night, and can be programmed in different colors.

The MSG Networks logo and LED boards were designed and installed by SNA Displays, one of the largest LED display manufacturers in the world. SNA Displays has installed approximately 35,000 square feet of LED displays in Manhattan this year alone.