Cool Little Details About The New Adidas NHL Jerseys

The NHL and Adidas revealed the new jerseys for each team ahead of the upcoming 2017-18 season.

This included the unveiling of the first ever sweater for the Vegas Golden Knights (in my opinion, they look pretty good!).

A full explanation of the changes made to the jerseys can be found here!

One terrific detail I noticed when I saw the Devils jersey for the first time was that the inside collar was “Devils Green” and the Stanley Cup winning years were listed. Talk about attention to detail and taking care of the little things!

At first, I thought the Stanley Cup winning years for each time might be the case for every jersey across the league, but in fact, other teams have made the inside collar their own.

Here are things to note for teams around the league that have done something with the inside collar of their brand new jerseys (if they left it blank or simply changed the color, I left them off the list):

Vegas Golden Knights: “Vegas”

Red trim, with “Vegas” in white. Simple and effective. I like it. The Jets and Wild have also done this.

Nashville Predators: Piano Keys

This is the same as before, but Nashville really popularized the trend of putting something on the inside back collar, so it’s something worth noting.

Carolina Hurricanes: Warning Flag

I couldn’t see it very well from what was available online, so I asked the Canes. Their response:

Montreal Canadiens: In Flanders Fields

“Nos bras meutris vous tendent le flambeau.”

This is a quote in French from the poem “In Flanders Fields,” which translates to:

“To you from failing hands we throw the torch.”

This quote is also seen in the Habs dressing room. The poem was written in 1915, the year the Habs won their first Stanley Cup. A “passing of the torch” ceremony occurs at every Canadiens season home opener.

Winnipeg Jets: “Winnipeg”

Much like “Vegas” this is simple but effective.

New Jersey Devils: Stanley Cup Winning Years

From what I could find, the Devils are the only team to put their Stanley Cup winning years on the inside collar. I suppose this will be updated each time the Devils win a Cup (such is the case with soccer jerseys and the “stars” above their respective team logos).

New York Rangers: Different Collars

The Rangers are the only team I could see that have made the inside collar different on their home and away kits.

At home, the collar reads “EST 1926” with a Rangers logo. On the road, it will say “New York.” That’s some next level detail! #TheLittleThings

Toronto Maple Leafs: Honour. Pride. Courage.

“What we stand for.” Words the Maple Leafs live by.

Arizona Coyotes: Aztec Pattern

This seems to be a nod to their original Phoenix Coyotes jersey that featured a similar trim.

San Jose Sharks: “This Is Sharks Territory”

It should be noted that this is written on both their home and away jerseys. I suppose this means that the Sharks plan to take over every arena they visit. Sort of like the “nWo” of hockey.

The Sharks also have different logos on their shoulders (home and away). Some teams have placed alternate logos on the shoulders like the Sharks, while others their respective state, province or country flags. A few teams have released inspirations and explanations behind the jersey creation, like the Devils and Wild.

Dallas Stars: “Victory Green”

Easy, to the point.

St. Louis Blues: Flag of St. Louis

The Blues modified their city flag on the collar. For reference.

And this all might very well change (in fact, some have already, like the Wild’s home and away kit) by the time the season starts, every team might end up having something unique on the inside collar … or maybe not. Who knows! That’s part of the fun.

Special thanks to @JerryDaponte on Twitter for helping out finding some of these.