What Makes the Devils 8 So Great?

Each week, I’ll bring you random numbers from the New Jersey Devils and around the NHL.


The number of times the New Jersey Devils have scored six or more goals in a game this season. In fact, it happened on back-to-back wins on the road, their first two road games (and wins) of the season. Last year, the team didn’t win a road game until the first week of November.

The last time Devils scored 6-plus goals in two different games in October was in 2007-08. In the last seven full seasons, the Devils have scored 6-plus goals in two different games only three times (2015-16 twice, 2013-14 and 2011-12 three times).


How many games it took Will Butcher to pocket eight assists, putting him in the history books as the first NHL player to accomplish that feat (via @PR_NHL).


The Devils goal differential, putting them third in the league (behind Chicago’s 12 and Ottawa’s 10). Of the team’s 21 goals for thus far, a league-high 11 have come in the second period (52%). Last season, the Devils scored 34% of their goals in the middle frame.


The number of career regular season wins amassed by Ken Hitchcock as a head coach. This season the Stars HC surpassed Islanders legendary bench boss Al Arbour (782).

Scotty Bowman sits in the lead with 1,244 career regular season wins, while Joel Quenneville is chasing him at 855. Coach Q would need his Blackhawks to win the equivalent of almost five seasons in order to match the great Bowman (and don’t forget that Scott’s son, Stan, has also been the GM of the Hawks since 2009).

Side Note: Scotty Bowman named his son Stan after the Stanley Cup. True story.


The percentage of NHL players currently in the league that weren’t born yet when Jaromir Jagr played his first NHL game in 1990 (via @Sportscenter).


No, not the area code for Peel Region (maybe three people reading this will get that reference). The current PDO for the Montreal Canadiens. The worst in the league. PDO measures puck luck, and it’s always assumed to inch back towards from 1,000. So not only is 905 low, but this means the Habs have the worst puck luck in the league right now. They are 1-3-1, sitting at three points with eight goals for and 17 against.

The thing is, their puck possession is sitting at 57%, second highest in the league. This means they aren’t saving pucks. Carey Price right now has a .885 save percentage, which for a goaltender of his quality you wouldn’t expect to remain so low as the season progresses.


The number of years it took for the Philadelphia Flyers to go from their first year in the league to winning the Stanley Cup, the fastest of any expansion team. You know, in case you were wondering for your Golden Knights Stanley Cup bets. 🙂 Speaking of #VGK…