Become An Official Video Game Record Holder

Last year I gave you a step-by-step outline on how to get into Mensa.

Now, I will do the same with how to become an official, undisputed video game world record holder.

First, why am I qualified to give you this intel? Because I, Arda Ocal, very proudly, am in fact an undisputed video game world record holder.

It’s completely official. And on the internet!

So here’s how it works:

The first thing you need to know is a little about the official sanctioning body for video game world record. So official, they are actually affiliated with the Guinness Book of World Records.

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This body is called Twin Galaxies. That name may be familiar to you because it was spotlighted in the video game documentary “King of Kong,” a fantastic film about the race to set the Donkey Kong world record. Twin Galaxies was the organization that adjudicated and proclaimed the records, as it does for every video game.

Step 1: Pick a Game

If you’re amazing at a certain game, awesome. Even if you are not, go on the Twin Galaxies website, search for a game and check out what records exist. You aren’t limited to those records, you can even think of a type of record you may want to break and reach out to the administrators to see if that might be something that could be established.

I picked NHLPA 93 as my game of choice, but Twin Galaxies houses all games of any genre.

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Step 2: Know the Rules

This one is important. You don’t want to attempt a world record without knowing all the variables!

For example, for our attempt, once we knew we were going to do the “pairs NHLPA 93 largest margin of victory” record attempt, we needed to know all the hardware specifications.

It had to be done on an actual Sega Genesis (not on a computer or a knockoff system). It had to be recorded on video (I used my iPhone rested on a tripod that I bought off of Amazon) and the video had to be uninterrupted and unedited, clearly showing the title screen, the entire game and then afterwards the controllers and console, pressing the reset button to show that the Genesis was in fact not just there for show.

Basically, just familiarize yourself with the process.

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Step 3: Do It!

Have fun with it. You’re playing video games, something you love doing already. Especially if the video is going to be long (ours was just under 30 minutes, for example), make it entertaining. This isn’t mandatory, just a nice touch for people who will be judging it. Which brings us to….

Step 4: Sign Up and Upload

If you haven’t already, you’ll have to make an account on the Twin Galaxies site and verify it (by email). After that, you will upload your video and fill out the form (use mine as an example).

One key note: Upload your video directly to Twin Galaxies, and to YouTube or somewhere else as a backup. It’s suggested that you don’t just submit an external link.

Step 5: Play the Waiting Game

Once it’s up there, now it goes to a vote. Nobody knows exactly how many votes or “points” your attempt needs to get officially verified, but I have heard the process can take days or months. We got lucky, ours became official in a few days, and that’s likely because we had some prominent members of the community comment on it and verify it in the thread. This is the same process that happens with every attempt. You can totally spread the word on social media that you have a world record attempt and you need votes. That will help the cause.

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Step 6: Congratulations!

… or “try again,” depending on what happens. Either your attempt will be accepted and it will become official, or it will be rejected and there will be a reason why.

Some records actually get sent to the Guinness Book of World Records people to be included in their yearly video gaming edition. I should note that you can also reach out to Guinness directly to attempt to set a world record, but that’s a completely different process with different requirements (possibly monetary) and rules. But keep an eye out on my Twitter @ArdaOcalTV because I might have an announcement soon about a record attempt and the fine folks at Guinness!

If this inspired you to try and break a world record, then good vibes and positive thoughts! Tweet me your progress, I’m a total nerd for stuff like this.