Giants Need to Draft QB of the Future

Last year, the right choice was made by the New York Giants to select Saquon Barkley with the second overall pick in the NFL Draft. Barkley filled a present, pressing need while giving the Giants a building block for the future. 

Now in this April’s draft, the Giants can secure their future for a second straight year by taking a quarterback who won’t be their present but could well be their future. 

Antrel Rolle, Shaun O'Hara and Bob Papa discuss the positional needs the Giants must address this offseason to be a better team next year.

Dwayne Haskins could be the Giants quarterback for the next decade, a draft pick who could be coming at the perfect time for the franchise. The situation sets up perfectly for both the franchise and the player. 

Contrary to what is said about his future with the team, current starting quarterback Eli Manning still has some juice left in his arm. Having recently turned 38-years old, Manning clearly has more of his Giants career in the rearview mirror than on the road ahead but after another season of 4,000 passing yards and a completion percentage of 66 percent, it is clear that Manning has something left in the tank. 

But 2019 is the final year of a four-year contract extension signed in 2015 and Manning might be set for his last season with the Giants. In fact, it wouldn’t be a huge shock if the team moved on from Manning this offseason. 

Giants GM Dave Gettleman says they need to continue to improve the roster and evaluate all spots, including quarterback.

A mistake yes, as Manning can still produce but his being cut would not necessarily be a shock. 

All of which leads to the Giants who hold the sixth pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. Haskins is currently the top quarterback prospect available, coming off a stellar season at Ohio State. He moves well, throws a fairly accurate ball and possesses strong leadership skills. 

While his footwork needs improvement and his mechanics are raw, Haskins is a quarterback who also happens to be a talented athlete and physical specimen. If available, he makes perfect sense for the Giants. 

In fact, he already posted on social media this week that he hopes the Giants select him in the first round. That is an exciting idea for the future of this team. 

Haskins is a bit of a project, not quite as finished as say an Andrew Luck, who was groomed and prepared since middle school to start Week 1 of his rookie season. He will need some work to adjust to the NFL and he shouldn’t be rushed along. Even Manning had to bide his time his rookie season, waiting half the year behind Kurt Warner to finally start. 

Eli Manning says the future for the New York Giants is bright with stars like Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley.

This is where the Giants are in a prime spot to land their franchise quarterback of the future and actually bring him along the right way. By having a current franchise quarterback, at least for another season, they can ensure a smooth succession under center. 

Manning, a two-time Super Bowl MVP and four times a Pro Bowl selection, would be an outstanding bridge between Haskins’ rookie season and eventually becoming a starter. If that means drafting Haskins and letting him sit for one year or perhaps two (thereby creating the need to extend Manning one more season), it is an ideal fit. 

Haskins could and would be allowed to move along and develop, not being rushing under center like so frequently happens in the NFL. With Manning on the roster for at least another seasons, at least theoretically, the Giants would be able to groom a maturing quarterback. 

Saquon Barkley reflects on his rookie season and how it feels to personally reach so many milestones.

Last year, the Giants drew criticism for selecting Barkley when they could have taken USC quarterback Sam Darnold with the second pick. And while Darnold did very well across town with the New York Jets, Barkley showcased during his rookie year that he is a special talent. 

The Giants did the right thing by taking the running back last draft. Now they could potentially catch lightning in the bottle for a second straight season and finally take the quarterback of their future.