You Don’t Know Clyde: 12 Fun Facts About Walt Frazier

Help us count down the 12 Days of Knicksmas with fun and interesting facts about Walt “Clyde” Frazier revealed each day.

1 Who would Clyde want to play him in a movie?

Danny Glover, of course!

2 What is Clyde's favorite season?

Clyde dishes and swishes his way through the fall!

3 Who does he think is the best NBA player of all time?

The Big Dipper, Wilt Chamberlain

4 What is his favorite thing about NYC during the holidays?

All the hoopla and decorations across blue and orange nation!

5 Who is Clyde's favorite musician?

Didn’t you hear through the grapevine, it’s Marvin Gaye!

6 If he wasn't a basketball player, Clyde would be...

Could you imagine Clyde as your physical education teacher? He could!

7 What are his favorite and least favorite colors?

Clyde can be seen styling and profiling in his favorite color, brown. You’ll rarely see him in green because he finds it too mundane.

8 Does Clyde prefer velvet or suede?

Of course he prefers suede, just check out the Puma Clyde!

9 What is his favorite "Clyde-ism"?

You may think it’s shaking and baking, but his favorite rhyme is actually dishing and swishing!

10 What is Clyde's favorite meal?

To keep him in tip-top shape, his go-to meal is salmon and broccoli.

11 What does Clyde think is the best movie ever?

Someone get the popcorn, it’s time for Gone With The Wind!

12 Who is the most famous person that he has on speed dial?

None other than his former teammate, Earl “The Pearl” Monroe.