14 Memorable Stanley Cup-Winning Calls

In 1893, Lord Stanley of Preston paid 10 Guineas, the equivalent of $48.67 USD, for the Stanley Cup. Adjusting for inflation, that would be $1,340.29 today.

Two things come to mind upon hearing this:

1. Even adjusted for inflation, that seems like a heck of a bargain price.

2. To anyone that loves hockey, Lord Stanley’s mug is truly priceless.

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Once again, the final is here. The final battle for the Cup. Either the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Nashville Predators will hoist the prettiest trophy in all of sports.

One of the moments I look forward to the most, is that exact moment when the Cup is won. Particularly, how the play-by-play announcer calls that moment. If the game has already been won and the clock is winding down, that final 30 seconds is always fascinating to hear what they will say (and not say to let the moment breathe and completely soak in). Or, the range of their emotion in their voice if the Cup-clinching goal is scored in overtime.

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Sometimes, the moment is magical. Other times, it’s confusion (see 2010). But most of the time, it’s a poetic lyric to the best part of a beautiful song.

Here are some calls from different play-by-play announcers and teams over the years (and decades), at that exact moment when the Cup had been won:

1 Bob Lawrence (New York Islanders, 1980)

“To Nystrom, scores! Islanders win the Stanley Cup! The Islanders win the Stanley Cup! On the overtime goal by Bobby Nystrom! Islanders win the Stanley Cup! Bobby Nystrom with the goal from John Tonelli! And the Islanders have won the Stanley Cup! What a finish! What a finish to our hockey season! The Islanders have taken 7 years, 352 days, 17 hours and 33 minutes but they have finally won the Stanley Cup, on the sudden death overtime goal scored by Bobby Nystrom at 7:11. The Islanders, on the ice, hugging each other, with Al Arbor out there hugging every one of his players, the Islanders have won the Stanley Cup!”

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2 Sam Rosen and John Davidson (New York Rangers, 1994)

SR: The waiting is over! The New York Rangers are the Stanley Cup champions! And this one will last a lifetime!

JD: No more curses, this is unbelievable! These people have waited a long time, fans, players, coaches … unbelievable!

SR: Let the celebration begin!

JD: What a series, two fabulous teams. Vancouver lost, but hockey was a winner. For the New York Rangers and their supporters, no more 1940, it’s gone! Congratulations, Rangers!

SR: The 1994 New York Rangers have done it, and for every Ranger that ever put on a uniform, you can stand with pride. What a moment!

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3 Mike Miller (New Jersey Devils, 1995)

“7…6…5…4…3…2… and 1. And the oldest trophy competed for in North America, Lord’s Stanley’s Cup has made its way through the Lincoln Tunnel, to the Meadowlands, to the Garden State, the New Jersey Devils are the 1995 Stanley Cup champions!

4 Bob Cole (New Jersey Devils, 2000)

(Fast forward to 1:29)

“They score! The Stanley Cup goal is scored by Arnott! The New Jersey Devils are celebrating! Ed Belfour is in shock, just now getting up. 2 to 1, the Devils win Game 6, the Devils of New Jersey have won the Stanley Cup!”

5 Bert Lee (New York Rangers, 1933)

“The Leafs are trying to center it out. The Rangers trying to get it away, finally they shoot it down the ice, and the crowd had quite a thrill over that. Into the corner, the Leafs back of their own net, they’re two men short, Rangers, Bill Cook, scores! The series is over. The New York Rangers are the winners. The battered old Stanley Cup goes back to Broadway, emblematic of the old professional championship.”

6 Bob Cole (Edmonton Oilers, 1988)

“From the coaches to the goaltender and everyone in between, you’re looking at a superb hockey machine. To a man, they’ve done their job very, very well. Ladies and gentlemen, from coast to coast, the 1988 Stanley Cup champions! The Edmonton Oilers have done it again!

7 Gary Thorne (Detroit Red Wings, 2002)

“The countdown is now at 31 seconds. The goal scored on the empty net, Shanahan from Yzerman at 19:15. Irbe goes back to the bench. Empty net again, Carolina getting onside. Now at 16 seconds. The Detroit Red Wings, their third Cup in six years, the 10th that they have won in their history. Scotty Bowman will get his ninth as a coach. Dominik Hasek, Robitaille will get their first. The Detroit Red Wings have won the 2002 Stanley Cup!”

8 Mike Lange (Pittsburgh Penguins, 2009)

“They drop it, and they got to the right point, here’s Rafalski shooting, never got through, loose puck now to the net save made rebound, oh big save by Fleury, and it ends, that’s it! The Pittsburgh Penguins have won this hockey game! The Penguins have won the Stanley Cup! And Lord Stanley, scratch their names on your fabled Cup, the Pittsburgh Penguins are Stanley Cup champions, 2009!

9 Mike "Doc" Emrick (Boston Bruins, 2011)

“A leatherlung fan, and they have a few in Boston, yelled, ‘we didn’t lose to the British, and we’re not gonna lose to British Columbia.’ Hansen gave it across with 15 to go. Despite that adversity, they followed their coach to the high road, and the high road is the road to the Cup. No icing. For the first time in 39 years, the Boston Bruins have won the Stanley Cup! And they pour on to celebrate with Tim Thomas, their heroic goaltender!”

10 Bob Miller (Los Angeles Kings, 2012)

“This is for you, Kings fan, wherever you may be. All the frustration and disappointment of the past is gone. The 45-year drought is over. The Los Angeles Kings are indeed the Kings of the National Hockey League! They are the 2012 Stanley Cup champions. The countdown is on … 3, 2, 1, it’s over!”

11 Dave Strader (Chicago Blackhawks, 2013)

(Fast forward to 3:18)

“Still time remaining in regulation, Frolik with a shot steered aside by Rask. Marcus Kruger back to the line, Oduya with a shot, Bolland scores! Dave Bolland has scored with 58 seconds remaining in regulation time for Chicago! 58 seconds from a Stanley Cup in stunning fashion!”

12 Bob Miller and Jim Fox (Los Angeles Kings, 2014)

BM: Brassard’s pass up the middle, broken up by the Kings, and brought back up to center ice. Here on the left side Martinez, over to Clifford, right side, shot from there and a save and the rebound scores! Kings win the cup! The Kings, Martinez, getting the rebound! The Kings have won the Stanley Cup! The Kings in the longest game in their history, win it 3-2!

JF: Kyle Clifford, Bob, instrumental, he’s going on the ice, he gets it there. It ends up being one of those second chance opportunities. A shot, rebound, and Martinez, his legs you could see him jumping on the rebound and the Kings win it 3-2 in OT!

BM: Royalty reigns again in the National Hockey League! For the second time in three years, the Los Angeles Kings have ascended to the throne! The Kings are the 2014 Stanley Cup champions!

13 John Wiedeman (Chicago Blackhawks, 2015)

 “7 seconds left, 6, now 5 in behind the net, Toews swings it around, oh and all the way down the ice it goes, for the third time in six seasons, it’s one goal achieved! The Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup! The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup! The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup! The Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup! Lord Stanley, the Blackhawks organization along with the greatest fans in all of hockey, welcome you back to your new home: Chicago, Illinois, in the US of A!”

14 Mike Lange (Pittsburgh Penguins, 2016)

“Crosby’s gonna play it up, 4 seconds to go, the Penguins have jumped over the boards, it (the puck) sails down to the Sharks end short-handed, it’s over! Get into the fast lane, grandma, the bingo game is ready to roll! The 2016 Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins!”