Meet the Pup Cup Pups!

After receiving more than 600 entries from diehard Rangers fans on Instagram using #MSGPupCup, we have our Top-10 Pup Cup finalists!

Get to know these four-legged Blueshirts fans and find out why their tails are wagging in support of the New York Rangers!

1 Cooper

Cooper is 5 years old, from Ridley Park, Pennsylvania.

When the Rangers score a goal, he gets a treat. His favorite player is Ryan McDonagh. He “Lives for all types of food.” His best skillset is a change of pace. He is quick, agile, and a bundle of energy! But at the flip of a switch, Cooper becomes quite the submissive cuddler.

2 Skylie

Skylie is a 2-year-old female Miniature Australian Labradoodle from Morristown, New Jersey.

Her favorite player is Mats Zuccarello. Like Zucc, she embraces team spirit & always applies extra effort. Her favorite food would have to be burgers. Bacon burgers, cheeseburgers, ANY kind of burgers … but her favorite ones are grilled by her Grandpa & Uncle Dave. She has a need for speed and is FAST like a rocket! If anyone can chase Carey Price from his net, it’d be Skylie on a breakaway!

3 Bowie

Bowie is a 1-year and 4-month-old Boxer mix from Commack, Long Island.

Bowie’s favorite Ranger is Marc Staal. When he’s not passing the biscuit around in the backyard, he’s working on his speed and stealth by stealing pizza. Which just happens to be his favorite food!

4 Oskar

Oskar is a 5-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog from Randolph, New Jersey.

His favorite player is Mats Zuccarello, and his favorite food is cheese and biscuits. He is not the best skater, but his size makes him a good enforcer.

5 Newman

Newman (aka Newmie or Newmster) is a 3 1/2-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi from West Granby, Connecticut.

His favorite player is Henrik Lundqvist and he enjoys long walks. His special skill set is singing loudly for anyone who pets him.

6 Jasper

Jasper is a 3 1/2-year-old German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, and Lab Mix. He resides in Bayonne, New Jersey but was born in Ohio, where he was rescued.

Jasper’s favorite player is Chris Kreider and his favorite snack is a Milk-Bone Gravy Bone. He is a tenacious team player, and he will excitedly defend and protect any teammate.

7 Pluto

Pluto is a 4-year-old Black Lab Mix from Pompton Plains, New Jersey.

He was rescued at 3 months old and is fiercely loyal, intuitive, and strong. His favorite players are Ryan McDonagh and Mats Zuccarello. His favorite food is any type of bread!

8 Bella

Bella is a 2-year-old Boxer from Holtsville, Long Island.

Her favorite player is Chris Kreider and her favorite food is peanut butter. Her best skillset is either jumping high or showing off her speed (like her favorite player).

9 King Henrik

King Henrik is a 3-year-old rescued Boston Terrier from Brookhaven, Long Island.

His favorite player is Henrik Lundqvist (obviously). He enjoys playing fetch and running on the beach!

10 Gnarly

Gnarly is a 2 1/2-year-old Soft Coat Wheaten Terrier from Sayville, Long Island.

His favorite player is Ryan McDonagh. He enjoys eating everything in site and has been known to eat a stick or two, but his favorite food is bacon! His greatest skills are speed and agility. These skills are useful when chasing squirrels!