Would You Rather: NYC vs. ATL

We’re back with another round of “Would You Rather?” And this time, the matchup is New York City vs. Atlanta.

On the surface, these places are just completely opposite of each other. One experiences all four seasons … the other, like two and a half.

Granted, Atlanta did have Chick-fil-A before NYC … but still, we have a feeling NYC will sweep the competition.

Do you agree with our list?

1 The World's Most Famous Arena vs. The Highlight Factory

Let’s get the obvious out of the way – no arena will ever beat Madison Square Garden.

2 Ice, Ice Baby

NYC is home to two hockey teams – New York Rangers and New York Islanders. Atlanta? They had the Thrashers from 1999-2011, but no longer host an NHL franchise.

3 Shake Your Tail Feather

Shake Shack is sacred to New Yorkers, with a location at nearly every corner, while Chick-fil-A is basically the same to Atlantans. Shake Shack is now popping up in the south and Chick-fil-A in the north. NYC wins this round with four Chick-fil-A locations to Atlanta’s two Shake Shacks.

4 Down By The River

From what we hear, the Chattahoochee River is like the Hudson River of Atlanta. It’s there, it’s important, it’s kinda gross, but does it have the New York City Skyline as its backdrop?

5 The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Two things both cities can agree on – breakfast does NOT have to be healthy. While Atlantans flock to Waffle House, New Yorkers decide on which of their favorite bagel places to head to.

6 In A Jam

We know what you’re thinking, are we really about to go head-to-head on who’s traffic is worse? Yes, yes we are…and NYC takes the cake on this, too.

7 A Walk In The Park

OK, we’ll give it to you there, NYC doesn’t have a cool Olympic park like Atlanta does. But, we’re pretty content with Bryant Park, Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, and the most iconic park EVER, Central Park.

8 Pitch Perfect

Which sounds more welcoming? Welcome to Atlanta by Jermaine Dupri or Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift. We may be biased, but it sounds like New York has been waiting for us.

9 You Wanna Pizza This?

In the battle of greasy foods, New York pizza will always win. You can try to reel us in with honey mustard and other delicious dipping sauces, but New York is famously known for outstanding pizza.

10 Double Major

Both New York and Atlanta house major league sports, but New York raises you a double (and then some). NYC has two NFL teams to ATL’s one, two MLB teams to one, two NBA teams to one, two MLS teams to one, and two NHL teams to zero. And to top it all off, Atlanta has only seen one championship in its major league sports history. NYC? 68. **Mic drop.**

11 Stop And Smell The Roses

We hear the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a pretty popular tourist destination. That’s a coincidence because so is the New York Botanical Garden, you know, the one that’s a national historic landmark and the largest botanical garden in the United States. Yeah, that one.

12 Just Plane Terrible

Now in another round of, “Which is worse?” we have John F. Kennedy Airport vs. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. And the winner is … Next!

13 Drop It Like It's...2018

To ring in the New Year, New Yorkers head to Times Square to watch the ball drop, while Atlantans head to Downtown Atlanta to watch (drum roll, please) … the Peach Drop. While we admit that’s pretty sweet (get it?), it doesn’t hold a candle to the Times Square celebration.