Would You Rather: NYC vs. OKC

The Big Apple meets The Big Friendly as the New York Knicks visit the Oklahoma City Thunder for their first game of the season. But what city wins off the court?

In New York, there’s a dollar-a-slice pizza joint on every corner. In OKC, you’ll find an “onion burger” on every menu. For entertainment, New Yorkers might take in a Broadway play … while the people of OKC may head on over to the rodeo.

In this (admittedly biased) tale of two cities, let’s see who you think comes out on top.


1 I'm Hungry...

A dollar for a slice of pizza … need we say more?

2 Do The Right Thing

Bill Hader may be an OKC fan, but he chooses to spend his Saturday nights in New York.

3 Just A Swipe Away

Do you know what we could buy with the money we save on gas, car insurance, and a monthly car payment? Knicks tickets.

4 The Big (Friendly) Apple

New York City would also be known as “The Big Friendly” if people just walked faster.

5 Put On Your Dancing Shoes

When’s the last time you saw line dancing in a music video? Come on!

6 Over The Bridge And To The Brewery

Battered Boar Brewing? No one wants a tongue twister when ordering a beer.

7 Thanks A brunch!

College football is great and all, but we have two words for you. Bottomless. Mimosas.

8 In Bodegas We Trust

“C” is for convenience, something that’s missing from “QuikTrip.”

9 Break A Leg ... Not Literally

Dear Alexander Hamilton,

When’s the last time a rodeo sold out almost two years in advance? Asking for a friend.

Love, New Yorkers

10 Don't Get Twisted

“Hey, I’m walking here!” isn’t something you can say to a tornado.

11 Apartment Wars

On the left, a cozy one bedroom apartment for rent at $2,200 a month. On the right, an OK one bedroom for rent at $650 a month … but it’s not in the greatest city in the world.

12 The Great Outdoors

Can you take a photo of your dog lying next to you on a blanket in Chesapeake Energy Arena?