Four Courses with JB Smoove

What happens when you team up comedian/actor JB Smoove with celebrity guests over dinner? Endless laughs with amazing stories.


Programming Note: Episode Five Airs Tuesday at 11:30 PM on MSG after Knicks-Wizards Every morning Al Roker serves as one of the hosts on NBC’s Today. But is there a time when America’s leading weatherman shows off – gulp – his dark side? It actually does come out, especially if you’re his daughter and you […]


Programming Note: Episode Four Airs Friday at 11 PM on MSG after Knicks-Grizzlies There may not be a more coveted job in pro sports than playing center fielder for the New York Yankees. Bernie Williams had that privilege. The four-time World Series champion was a part of the recent Yankees dynasty and talked about the […]


Programming Note: Episode Three Airs Tuesday at 11 PM on MSG after Knicks Post Game Known as one of the most provocative characters in television history, Michael K. Williams’s portrayal of Omar Little on the hit series The Wire was groundbreaking. Playing a tough, rugged street thug on the mean streets of Baltimore, Williams was […]


Would you rather be consistently good for a long time or be great for just a short period time? That was the thought-provoking question JB Smoove asked his guests – George Wallace, Michael Rapaport, Robert Kelly and Charles Smith – on the second episode of this season’s Four Courses With JB Smoove. Wallace said he […]