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Highlight: Robinson Ties Ewing’s Knicks Rookie Record

13 Memorable Knicks Games on MLK Day

It’s a tradition for the New York Knicks to take the court on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in honor of the iconic civil rights leader. The Knicks hold a 20-12 overall record on MLK Day and traditionally played at Madison Square Garden every year up until last year’s victory against the Nets. This year, the […]

All-Time Best Knicks Draft Picks

The Knickerbockers have landed some of the all-time NBA greats in the draft. So which are the best choices in the history of the franchise? Here’s my take: 1. Walt ‘Clyde’ Frazier, No. 5, 1967 First of all, Clyde will be the first to tell you he was the best Knicks player of all time, […]

Best Knicks Rookie Seasons

At first, it seemed like a no-brainer. Who had the greatest rookie season in Knicks history? Easy. Uncontested dunk easy: Patrick Ewing. [Tune In To MSG & MSG GO For ‘Rookie Week’ Programming] And then I did the one thing my wife and kids have warned me about for years: I started thinking. Ewing won […]

Would Starks Follow In Ewing’s Coaching Footsteps?

Best Knicks Draft Picks of All-Time

OK, so the ping pong balls weren’t kind. Instead of getting the 7th pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, the Knicks got the 8th pick. Guess who the Knicks took with the 8th pick in the 1964 draft? Willis Reed. How’d that work out? The league has changed, the draft has changed, the business of the […]

Pitino’s Bomb Squad Revitalized Knicks

It wasn’t going to work. It almost never worked. College coaches jumped at the riches and lure of the NBA only to realize the difference between the two jobs was as different as hip-hop is to opera. Some succeeded, but the majority found more losses than wins and ultimately returned to college campuses. Consider this […]

The Knicks Fix: Jackson Learning from History

It started, for the Knicks, at the end. After the 1973 championship, the Knicks had one last run in them, to the Eastern Conference Finals in ‘74. The following season, after a first round ouster, two of the championship era’s cornerstones, Willis Reed and Dave DeBusschere, retired. There wasn’t much coming via the draft, as the […]


EWING LEADS KNICKS PAST CELTICS IN CHRISTMAS DEBUT No. 2 – The spotlight was on No. 1 pick and rookie center Patrick Ewing, playing in his first Christmas Day against the vaunted Boston Celtics. Boston jumped out to a huge lead and with 6:39 left in the third quarter, they led by 25 points. The […]