Rangers 90th Anniversary

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The Top 9 Toughest Rangers of All-Time

There are tough guys and then there are the really tough guys who’ve thundered through the National Hockey League since the Rangers were born nine decades ago. And when I employ the term “tough,” I’m not only referring to the two-fisted types such as Tie Domi and Lou Fontinato, who could belt the biggest of […]

Joe Miller – The Unsung Rangers Goalie Cup Hero

In the spring of 1928, when the “Roarin’ Twenties” still boasted a high decibel count, there was a funny publication known to everyone in America. It was called “The Joe Miller Joke Book” and its popularity lasted well into the next decade and beyond. While people from coast to coast were chuckling over the gags, […]

The All-Time Top 9 Rangers Right Wingers List

[View More About the Rangers’ 90th Anniversary Season] From Bill Cook, who starred on the Rangers‘ first Stanley Cup-winning team to Glenn Anderson, a key shooter on the 1994 Champions, the Blueshirts have been gifted with outstanding right wings. Cramming all my favorites into a group of nine was just short of impossible because a few […]

The All-Time Top 9 Rangers Left Wingers List

Follow Stan on Twitter @StanFischler When it comes to colorful characters sprinkled through the Rangers’ nine decades of National Hockey League play, the Blueshirts’ left wingers rank among the most artistic and inimitable at the same time. Take Camille (The Eel) Henry as an example. In his first NHL season, 1953-54, the fragile-looking French-Canadian skated […]

How the Rangers 1933 Stanley Cup Improbably Was Won

After winning the 1928 Stanley Cup in the second year of their existence, Rangers manager-coach Lester (The Silver Fox) Patrick could have been tempted to stand pat with his championship lineup. But the Silver Fox was too foxy for that. “Stand-pat” was not part of his standard, creative philosophy. As a result, the Blueshirts’ Cup lineup began […]

The All-Time Top-9 Rangers Goalie List

As we celebrate the the Rangers’ 90th anniversary, a look back at the club’s array of starry goaltenders makes it a challenge to select a Top-9. But with the help of my criteria — Hall of Famers, Stanley Cup-winners, Award-winners and clutch performers — I was able to accomplish the task. I have listed them […]

Rangers Win Their First Cup the Oddest of Ways

When it comes to an “Incredible But True” saga nothing tops the manner in which the Rangers won their first Stanley Cup in 1928 over the heavily-favored Montreal Maroons. Check these out: BEATING THE ODDS: The triumph took place in only the second year of the club’s existence. OLD MAN, LESTER PATRICK IN GOAL: When […]

The All-Time Top-9 Rangers Defensemen List

Determining who were the Top-9 Rangers Defenseman in their 90-year history was not an easy task because some awfully good ones had to be omitted. That said, my criteria is the same — Hall of Famers, Stanley Cup-winners and players who delivered in the clutch. In addition to listing the nine best in alphabetical order, I […]

The Most Amazing Rangers’ Goaltending Feat

To many historians, one story stands above all others when it comes to “Incredible But True” hockey tales. In fact, the night that Lester Patrick went into goal for the Blueshirts 89 years ago still defies credulity to this day. Just consider the following: The date was April 7, 1928 — the Rangers vs. the […]

The All-Time Top-9 Rangers Centers List

Picking the best nine Rangers centers in their 90-year-history presented a challenge I was delighted to meet and complete. My criteria included Hall of Famers, Stanley Cup-winners and players who delivered in the clutch. In addition to listing the nine best, I have included contemporary Rangers who play most like those on the All-Time list. […]