Ron Baker

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Baker Leaves the Game With Shoulder Injury

Ron Baker … the Big Shot Maker!

Ron Baker’s Fans Show Up in Denver

Ron Baker Does The Little Things

Ron Baker saw the two little boys sitting baseline at a recent Knicks game and he remembered what it was like to be that age, to be starstruck by the stars at Kansas, Kansas State and Wichita State. Baker jogged to the Knicks locker room at The Garden, grabbed a pair of sneakers and socks, […]

Baker & Randle Making Their Case

You’re an NBA GM. You’re looking for a backup, if not starting point guard for next season. Here are two players under consideration: They are both undrafted rookies. One stands 6-foot-4, weighs 220 pounds and looks like he could be a heckuva quarterback. The other is 6-foot-2, weighs 185 pounds and looks like he could […]

How Does Ron Baker Keep His Hair Looking So Good?