5 Things to Know: Islanders vs. Devils

BY: DAVID KOLB Follow @DavidKolbMSG  NEW YORK ISLANDERS (25-23-10 AT NEW JERSEY DEVILS (26-21-10) Can the Islanders bounce back after yesterday’s loss in New Jersey? The Garden of Dreams Foundation helps kids facing obstacles in the Tri-State area, including Rangers fan Taylor Ryan who is battling a rare blood disorder called Langerhans cell histiocytosis. Dec […]

Anders Lee Possesses Elite Net Front Presence

BY: CHRIS BOYLE In order to have sustainable offensive success, it is essential to deceive opposition defenses and goaltenders. There are plenty of tactical approaches to achieve this deception and one of the most valuable is the ability to destabilize a goaltender’s sightlines while creating high leverage shot attempts. This is commonly known as net-front presence. […]