The Mask with Henrik Lundqvist

Join Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist as he creates special masks - with the help of some celeb friends - for charity.

Jeff Gordon’s Mask Design

“NEED FOR SPEED” When Henrik sat down with racing legend Jeff Gordon, it was obvious this mask would be exciting. The first feature that stands out is Gordon’s iconic car number 24 painted on the chin piece. The flames on the front and the checker flags are other links to the racing world, and a […]

FDNY’s Mask Design

  “A TRIBUTE TO NEW YORK” When Henrik sat down with some of the bravest people in New York, the New York City Fire Department, an amazing mask was bound to be created. Henrik and the FDNY decided that this mask would be a tribute to the city they all call home. The mask features […]

Michael J. Fox’s Mask Design

  “WE MADE A MASK OUT OF A DELOREAN” When Henrik Lundqvist teamed up with actor and advocate, Michael J. Fox, to design a mask, past and present came together to create an epic piece. In a comical nod to Fox’s last name and acting career, the mask has a cartoon fox coming out of […]

Tiesto’s Mask Design

  “THE GROOVE: IT’S WHAT YOU’RE BORN WITH” The theme behind the Tiesto mask was finding the perfect balance between the similarities and differences of Tiesto and Henrik’s worlds. Both hailing from Scandinavia, the two share similar cultures and histories, which they wanted to incorporate as a main focal point in the mask. The mask […]

John McEnroe’s Mask Design

“YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS” “Vintage Rock” was the theme of Henrik’s mask with the legendary tennis champion, John McEnroe. Both Henrik and McEnroe wanted to capture the rock star energy of the 80’s visually on the mask, while also combining both their hobbies. The mask features a tribute to great rockers such as Keith Richards, […]

Mario Batali’s Mask Design

“PIZZA IS TRUTH” “If there is anything I love more than hockey, it’s good food,” Henrik said before designing a mask with celebrity chef, Mario Batali. Both men are passionate about food and New York, so bringing that passion into the mask was simple. Batali eagerly pitched his design idea: an image of him riding […]