Gordie Howe

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Maven’s Ravin’: 41 Post-Playoff Thoughts, Draft Insights & Gordie Howe Stories

1. One playoff minus was officiating inconsistency. Retired ref Kerry Fraser agrees. Dubious fouls got called yet woodchopping got the blinder treatment. A foul should be a foul whether it’s the regular season or Cup finale. (Sub-par reffing; not exactly breaking news.) 2. There can be no alibiing for officials failing to penalize Sidney Crosby […]

Gordie Howe: The Very Best Of The Best

@StanFischler Having watched hockey since 1939, and having seen Gordie Howe from his rookie season, 1946-47 on, I can say without question that he was the best player that I’ve ever seen, goaltenders excluded. Better than Maurice (Rocket) Richard, legitimately considered to be “The Babe Ruth Of Hockey.” Better than Wayne Gretzky, who required “policemen” […]

Maven’s Ravin’: 40 Points And Why The Cup Final Is Finally Furious

@StanFischler 1. Whatever you do, don’t believe any of the oddsmakers when it comes to picking Sunday night’s winner of Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final. 2. Of course you could drive yourself crazy with analytics trying to figure why — after five games — the Sharks still have bite while being outplayed in […]

Remembering Gordie Howe: 9 Facts About “Mr. Hockey”

    “Mr. Hockey,” Gordie Howe passed away on Friday, June 10 at the age of 88. HERE ARE 9 FACTS ABOUT THE GREAT #9 1. Gordon Howe was born on May 31, 1928, in Floral, Saskatchewan, Canada. 2. Howe got his first taste of professional hockey at 15 years old in 1943 when he […]