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Blackhawks End the Raanta Run

CHICAGO 2, RANGERS 1 Nobody wins forever; not even Antti Raanta. After Henrik Lundqvist‘s┬áback-up had won three games in a row — two straight shutouts — the hope at The Garden last night was that the Fabulous Finn’s good times would roll on — and on. But Antti’s alma mater, the Chicago Blackhawks, intervened to […]

Why Jesper Fast’s Amazing Goal vs. Hawks was “Crosby-Like”

A Dozen Wonderful Things for the Rangers to Anticipate Next Season

“Sweet are the uses of adversity” – William Shakespeare As Rangers fans have learned since their beloved Blueshirts exited the playoffs on Friday night, the sun still managed to come up in the East on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings. Furthermore, it will continue to do so as our hockey lives move on to the […]