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Bearing The ‘Rath

It was bound to happen. It had to happen. Frontier justice being what it is — “extrajudicial punishment motivated by the non-existence of law and order or dissatisfaction with justice” — the Rangers felt it was absolutely necessary to answer for their fallen captain. And answer TO the responsible party. What once was accepted and […]

Rangers Go Good “Will” Hunting

When last we saw the Rangers, they were standing on The Garden’s center ice emblem, raising their sticks after again raising hopes with a spirited 60 in a 6-3 win over the Sabres. For one night – and importantly for THAT night since it left a lingering impression through the NHL All-Star break – Ranger naysayers and doomsayers […]

Rangers Have Dreams for Sweet ’16

Consistency is contrary to nature, contrary to life. The only completely consistent people are dead –  Aldous Huxley Looking for a half-season motto for these New York Rangers? Good ol’ Aldous pretty much sums it up. For this is a team that has uniquely redefined inconsistency on ice: Franchise record-setters the first six weeks, slipping through […]

John Giannone’s Thoughts On Hit-By-Puck

  If there is a moral to my story from last night, it is to never, ever take your eye off the puck. Lest you’ll have the puck in your eye. Or, put another way, if you look at the clock, you might end up getting clocked. It all happened with such shocking quickness that […]