Knicks Fix Recap

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Opportunity Knocks For These Knicks

5 thoughts on the loss: 1. As Kristaps Porzingis heads off to surgery and a long recovery process, the Knicks moved forward in their rebuilding process. Scott Perry made two moves before the trade deadline that may not have great significance on the current season but were more in the realm of asset collecting. Perry […]

Knicks Have An Afternoon To Forget

5 thoughts on the loss: 1. In a game in which we all learned the phrase “correctable error,” the Knicks made several unforced errors to give away a game they know — everyone, including the Hawks, know — they should have won. And two days after Tim Hardaway said to put the loss in Milwaukee “on […]

Knicks End Road Trip On a High Note

5 thoughts on the win: 1. Let’s get right to the useless stats because this game was an about-face from what we saw on this trip. After three straight games allowing over 120 points per game — 127, 123, 130 — the Knicks held the Suns not just under 100, but under 90. It tied […]

Issues Revealed in LA Loss

5 thoughts on the loss: 1. It seems to always come back to this one word: defense. You can go 10 games averaging 109 points per game and shooting 49% from the field and 42% from three-point range – just as the Knicks have – and if you don’t play defense, all of it is […]

Plenty of Frustration To Go Around

5 Thoughts on the Game: 1. Bill Pidto tossed his pen before he even got through his introduction to the postgame show. He was furious. As Wally Szczerbiak and I tried to offer more level-headed perspective on a maddening game and it’s bizarre ending, Pidto was already telling us that Twitter was on his side. […]

Knicks Begin Road Trip in Style

5 thoughts on the win: 1. It seems as if the Nets have shown up when the Knicks needed them most this season. It began with the first win of the season back on Oct. 27, as the Knicks were reeling with an 0-3 start. They trounced Brooklyn by 21 at The Garden and went […]

Knicks Rally Late But Falter in OT

5 thoughts on the loss: 1. As these frustrating losses mount, Jeff Hornacek continues to send out signals pointing to the malfunction in the team that needs to be fixed. This is not a team loaded with talent, but they have shown a resiliency and a work ethic that should help them win more games […]