Marc-Andre Fleury

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Is Pitt’s Matt Murray an Elite Goalie?

It is extremely difficult to assess goaltending performance in small samples. Playoff evaluation is exactly this. A hot shooting streak can vault players from anonymity to temporary superstar status and the same holds true for goaltenders. Career backups can go on extraordinary runs because it is extremely difficult to separate luck from the environment created […]

How The Rangers Won Game One

  The Rangers open the first round of the playoffs with the best record in the NHL and their reward was a matchup with the always dangerous Pittsburgh Penguins. The underlying possession numbers favor the Penguins, and while the Rangers are not a strong possession team, Steve Valiquette and I have been pointing out this […]

Beware, Brother Beware – Penguins Can’t Fly But They Can Win

  There’s a reverse theme for the Rangers in FDR’s stirring inspirational message to Americans at that critical, historic time in the 1930s. As the Blueshirts prepare tonight to challenge the Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Garden, the only thing coach Alain Vigneault‘s skaters have to fear is overconfidence itself. Confidence is fine and in […]