Sean Avery

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The Top 9 Toughest Rangers of All-Time

There are tough guys and then there are the really tough guys who’ve thundered through the National Hockey League since the Rangers were born nine decades ago. And when I employ the term “tough,” I’m not only referring to the two-fisted types such as Tie Domi and Lou Fontinato, who could belt the biggest of […]

Greatest Rivalries: Avery’s Infamous Screening Of Brodeur

  @StanFischler There are many ways to describe Sean Avery depending on your rooting interest. For example you can include his personality, his outlook on life, as well as your view of hockey decorum and personal fan favorites. Because of his idiosyncratic behavior — mostly as a Ranger — Avery has alternately been called Puck’s […]

Is There Another Sean Avery In The NHL?

The thrill is gone; or maybe The Maven should say that the “chill” is gone. Any way you look at it, the 2012-13 National Hockey League season won’t be the same without Sean Avery. Call him Puck’s Bad Boy, call him The Great Gabbo; call him anything you want, but Avery appears to be sincere […]