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Crosby Reflects on Pens’ Series Loss to Isles

Crosby on Being Down 0-3

Crosby’s Brilliance Does in Devils

Hahn & Humpty Best of the Week: June 13-16

If you missed anything from the Hahn & Humpty program on MSG Network from June 13-16, get it right here with the best clip from each day’s episode. Find out if Sidney Crosby deserved to be named MVP of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, why so many people love to hate LeBron James, David Wright’s uncertain […]

Penguins Provide Blueprint for Blueshirts Success?

While the Rangers were one of the Penguins’ victims on their road to the Stanley Cup, their loss to Pittsburgh provides an opportunity for the Blueshirts to truly assess how they are currently assembled. The Rangers’ results last season were very good on the surface. Their goal differential presented a team that was among the […]

What’s The Difference-Maker for Penguins Against Lightning?

The Penguins and Lightning series has looked like a potential track meet. Two of the fastest skating teams in the NHL matched up against one another promised some exciting hockey and it hasn’t disappointed. It also hasn’t delivered the freewheeling action some expected. Both teams have utilized their speed, but the results vary in the […]