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All Eyes On Ntilikina in His Return

As Ja Morant’s triple-double to open March Madness has Knicks fans now imagining this Russell Westbrook-type as their next point guard if they don’t win the lottery, the player taken in the lottery two years ago, who was supposed to fill that role, was finally back on the court. Frank Ntilikina returned to the lineup […]

Dotson Continues To Prove His Worth

Damyean Dotson has shown steady growth from a second-round pick into an NBA rotation player who is trying to prove himself as a starter. David Fizdale, in fact, deemed him “our most consistent player” this season. Dotson went over the 20-point mark for the sixth time this season with 26 points on 10 of 19 […]

Knicks Fail To Close Out Against Cavs

Perhaps we’ll know on May 14 the true result of this game. That, of course, is the date of the NBA Lottery drawing. The Knicks appeared on the verge of winning their third straight and fourth in the last five games, which had those watching the lottery standings getting nervous. But a day after David […]

Robinson Continues Block Party At Garden

Steve Clifford was going through the bullet points of why his team, in the hunt for a playoff spot, could not put away the lottery-bound Knicks when he stopped at one: Mitchell Robinson, whom the Magic coach said “changed the game.” Robinson had another eye-catching performance, with 17 points, 14 rebounds, 6 blocks and 3 […]

Knicks Spirit High As Losing Streak Ends

When this season is over, the final record will be typed into the media guide and left there to be buried among future seasons. It’ll likely go forgotten and referenced only when some future losing streak grows long enough to require historical perspective. Perhaps if the lottery balls bounce their way on May 14, the […]

Robinson Continues To Open Eyes

The moment Roy Hibbert stuffed Carmelo Anthony at the rim, the modest progression of the Knicks was halted. In fact, that block didn’t just send the Knicks home early that season — in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference semifinals — it sent the franchise backwards. It led to the eventual end of Tyson Chandler and […]

Another Visiting Star Steals Garden Spotlight

For a third straight night, the stage was for someone else to own. “The feeling in this arena,” Dirk Nowitzki said, “is like nowhere else.” In what was likely Nowitzki’s final game at Madison Square Garden, the sport’s most successful international player, in his 21st NBA season, reached back for a little extra something as […]

The Anthony Davis Watch

How much would you give for Anthony Davis? The Knicks went through the usual script of competing hard for a win only to fall short mainly because one team had an all-star (this time it was Kemba Walker, who, despite a poor shooting night, took over down the stretch) and they didn’t. But that can […]

Knicks Facing Moment of Truth

Patrick Ewing had been in the building earlier in the day. Alonzo Mourning was there, too. A little later on, Pat Riley, in all his tailored splendor, strolled by with a smile. Dwyane Wade warmed up on the court and just before tip-off, he shared an embrace with Carmelo Anthony. These were living ghosts haunting […]

Knicks Need to Trust the Process

As the losing streak reached eight, David Fizdale was asked about the overwhelming amount of losses this team has endured over the last two months and how detrimental it is for players to endure. The coach then went into a rant to remind Knicks fans — and anyone else still paying attention — that this […]

Ntilikina Still A Question For Knicks

Frank Ntilikina switched onto Paul George in the final seconds of the first quarter of a game that had already gotten out of hand. George had put up 13 points and the Thunder had 34. The lethargic Knicks, as David Fizdale would later lament, did their part to “donate the first quarter.” In a season […]

How Knicks Suffered Painful Loss Across the Pond

“The ball,” David Fizdale said, “died.” He wasn’t describing the spinning ball that Allonzo Trier swatted away for the goaltending call on what became the game-winning score in yet another painful loss. He was describing what led to the game being decided by that critical play. The Knicks offense was flowing beautifully for three quarters. […]

Potential Of Kevin Knox Grows

You really have no idea what the Knicks have in Kevin Knox. Even he doesn’t know what he is, or what he can be. “I’m only 19,” he said just minutes after dropping 31 points, seven rebounds and two steals with a +11 in 44 minutes. “I want to keep getting better and keep learning […]

Young, Hawks Too Much for Knicks

In the span of 9 days, the Knicks have lost to the Cavaliers, Suns and Hawks. That represents three of the four teams below them in the league standings. For Generation Tank, this would be considered a good thing. For those who saw Zion Williamson light up the Garden the night before in Duke’s gritty […]

Knicks Zone Slows Down Hornets

The best thing to come out of this game might be a new Jordan Meme. 😄#Knicks #NewYorkForever — MSG Networks (@MSGNetworks) December 15, 2018 The Hornets owner, greatest basketball player of all time and noted Knick killer put his hand over his face and shook his head as he watched his team give up […]

Knicks-Celtics Rivalry Lacking Juice?

If this was some sort of “payback” motivated by a blowout loss on Thanksgiving eve, the Knicks-Celtics rivalry is officially dormant. Kyrie Irving tried to make it something. He claimed he’s been “thinking about them since we lost” in that embarrassing home defeat on Thanksgiving eve which dropped Boston to 10-10. Hey, with salary cap space to […]

Knox’s Work Ethic Paying Off

The truth is, Kevin Knox was playing soft. He did look lost. He was struggling to physically compete. But what the Knicks loved about him during the predraft process wasn’t just his frame, his length and his scorer’s mentality. It was also his work ethic, which comes from a pedigree of a military family and […]

Knicks “Process” Mirroring 76ers?

This was a night Brett Brown might have had some nostalgia as he looked down the sideline at David Fizdale trying to guide his team through an ugly performance with an emphasis on getting something out of the night. Fizdale allowed himself to pump his fist down 30 because rookie Kevin Knox executed a move […]

Trier, Bench, Provide Spark in Loss

A three-game winning streak was buried under a pile of bricks in Detroit and the continued struggles of the team’s lottery picks from the last two seasons is reaching a point of concern, while the undrafted kid is emerging as one of the top rookies in the league. Allonzo Trier proved he can handle the […]

Burke Helps Knicks Flip Script In Boston

You were thinking it. We all were thinking it. Even THEY were thinking it. The Knicks were rolling most of this Thanksgiving Eve in Boston against a struggling Celtics team. But because of so many fourth-quarter meltdowns that turned leads into losses for David Fizdale‘s young Knicks team, it just felt inevitable that heartbreak was […]

More Tinkering Awaits Knicks

When asked on Tuesday what he needed to work on to improve as a point guard, the 20-year-old replied, “Everything.” Frank Ntilikina was moved out of the starting lineup for the first time this season. He began as the small forward and was moved to the point guard spot, where he ran the first unit […]

Knicks Lack Fight In Magic Loss

David Fizdale didn’t want to believe it was an effort issue. “I want to watch the film,” he said, “before I make that judgment.” He’s not going to like what he sees a second time around. We often parallel a lack of effort with apathy and in this case, it isn’t warranted. The Knicks looked […]

Young Knicks Making a Name for Themselves

KNICKS 118, MAVERICKS 106 While describing the third quarter thrashing the Knicks put on the Mavericks, with guys like undrafted rookie Allonzo Trier and second-round finds Daymean Dotson and Mitchell Robinson doing most of the damage, the Dallas Morning News described the trio saying “They aren’t even household names in their own homes.” These are, […]

Durant Brings His Best on the Broadway Stage

We’ve seen these shows many times on this stage and each time they are breathtaking, exhilarating and frustrating. Michael’s “double nickel”, Kobe’s 61 and LeBron’s 50-point triple-double (with an asterisk). Add to these unforgettable performances a show-stopping 25-point fourth quarter by Kevin Durant, who left Knicks fans salivating at the thought of seeing him do […]

Déjà Vu For Knicks In Another Tough Loss

As the game ended, my phone buzzed with a text from a friend and a die-hard Knicks fan who summed up the loss perfectly. “Didn’t expect to win tonight,” he said, “yet it still hurts so much.” On consecutive nights, the Knicks lost on the final possession. David Fizdale‘s young team battled the elite Celtics […]

How To Fix Tank Talk In The NBA

As the NBA considers eliminating the draft age limit with the hopes of expanding it’s G-League and it’s control over the game, it also needs to prioritize something that is tethered to the modern draft strategy: tanking. We’ve reached a point now where come March, you have a little more than half of your league […]

Burke’s Play Warrants More Minutes

5 Thoughts on the Win: 1. Trey Burke is here to remind you that he’s part of this point guard audition, too. Let’s remember his story started this season by signing with the Knicks‘ G-League team rather than another NBA team because he felt there was an opportunity here for him. But after the trade […]

McConnell Overwhelms Knicks in Philly

5 Thoughts on the Loss: 1. What we’re learning is there’s a lot to learn about this young backcourt experiment. One game after the Emmanuel Mudiay–Frank Ntilikina duo had an intriguing debut in Indiana, the magic was lost in Philadelphia. Both lottery picks struggled against the relentless pressure defense by undrafted guard T. J. McConnell, who […]

Opportunity Knocks For These Knicks

5 thoughts on the loss: 1. As Kristaps Porzingis heads off to surgery and a long recovery process, the Knicks moved forward in their rebuilding process. Scott Perry made two moves before the trade deadline that may not have great significance on the current season but were more in the realm of asset collecting. Perry […]

Will the Knicks Trade a Center Before the Deadline?

Knicks Have An Afternoon To Forget

5 thoughts on the loss: 1. In a game in which we all learned the phrase “correctable error,” the Knicks made several unforced errors to give away a game they know — everyone, including the Hawks, know — they should have won. And two days after Tim Hardaway said to put the loss in Milwaukee “on […]

Issues Revealed in LA Loss

5 thoughts on the loss: 1. It seems to always come back to this one word: defense. You can go 10 games averaging 109 points per game and shooting 49% from the field and 42% from three-point range – just as the Knicks have – and if you don’t play defense, all of it is […]

Plenty of Frustration To Go Around

5 Thoughts on the Game: 1. Bill Pidto tossed his pen before he even got through his introduction to the postgame show. He was furious. As Wally Szczerbiak and I tried to offer more level-headed perspective on a maddening game and it’s bizarre ending, Pidto was already telling us that Twitter was on his side. […]

Knicks Rally Late But Falter in OT

5 thoughts on the loss: 1. As these frustrating losses mount, Jeff Hornacek continues to send out signals pointing to the malfunction in the team that needs to be fixed. This is not a team loaded with talent, but they have shown a resiliency and a work ethic that should help them win more games […]

Adjustments Needed for KP, Knicks

5 Thoughts on the Loss to Wizards: 1. We’ve arrived at that moment that tests the patience of the triumphantly impatient New York fan. This is where emails and texts are saved, tweets are screengrabbed and hot takes are put in the freezer for potential mea culpas and a feast of words produced by frustration. […]

Knicks Let One Slip Away in Chicago

5 Thoughts on the Loss: 1. After yet another fourth quarter meltdown and yet another road loss, Jeff Hornacek made some interesting comments about his team’s issues late in games. “Something we don’t understand,” he said, “is how physical it’s going to be.” The Knicks managed just 14 points against the Bulls in the final […]

Tough Road Looms Ahead For Knicks

5 THOUGHTS ON CHRISTMAS LOSS: 1. Jeff Hornacek hasn’t had to call out his team too often this season. In fact, there were times after games he sounded like a proud coach who loved his team and it’s potential. But after gifting yet another game to the opponent with poor play in crunch time, Hornacek’s […]

KP Keeps Proving He’s “The Man”

5 THOUGHTS ON THE WIN: 1. Remind yourself that he’s 22 years old. He is far from being a finished product. And yet with each game this season, Kristaps Porzingis provides mounting evidence that greatness awaits him. Understand that what you are watching right now is the growth process. These are the days to remember […]

Knicks Go Small to Beat Hawks

5 Thoughts on the Win: 1. The game has changed, we all know this. The NBA is heading to an era where there may be just two positions on the court: guard and forward. The All-Star voting already reflects this direction. You vote for two guards and three forwards. Lineups are starting to reflect this […]

Lee & Thomas Providing the Impetus

5 Thoughts on the Win: 1. As the Knicks dribbled out the shot clock on their final possession and the crowd stood to cheer the win, Walt “Clyde” Frazier lamented missing by one point a pizza discount promotion for those in attendance. The Knicks did not get to the 100-point mark for a second straight […]

Depleted Knicks Struggle in Houston

Rockets 117, Knicks 102 1. Is James Harden an entertaining player? After watching him closely in the two games the Rockets played against the Knicks this month, it’s not a question you can easily answer. There are stars in this league who are virtuoso performers who are worth the price of admission. LeBron James, obviously. […]

Knicks’ Prolific Comeback Makes History

KNICKS 108, RAPTORS 100 1. If this is what a rebuild looks like, why didn’t we do this sooner? Perhaps the most statistically prolific quarters in the franchise’s seven-decade history was the highlight of a euphoric Thanksgiving Eve win at The Garden, where the crowd seems to be enjoying these weekly doses of catharsis. Last […]

A Tough Go In Orlando Without KP

MAGIC 112, KNICKS 99 1. If there are no such thing as moral victories, are there at least such things as schedule losses? This one was a tough placement by the NBA schedule computer. A third game in four nights, the second of a back-to-back coming off a three-hour flight against a team that had […]

Resilient Knicks Keep on Rolling

KNICKS 118, HORNETS 113 1. Before we even get to the historical hysteria we’ve just witnessed on consecutive nights at The Garden, I’m compelled to share with you a tweet I received during the third quarter when, once again, things looked bleak but the Knicks were, at the very least, still scrapping and clawing. No […]

5 Thoughts on Knicks-Suns

KNICKS 120, SUNS 107 1. The green room at the MSG Network studios during Knicks games is an interesting place. Bill Pidto follows the rotation closely and will lose his mind if he doesn’t like the lineup on the floor. Al Trautwig generally watches quietly while he prepares for the post game, but will be […]

Fatigue a Factor for Knicks, KP?

ROCKETS 119, KNICKS 97 1. Kristaps Porzingis had 19 points in the game, with just 5 in the second half. He was curiously in the game late in the fourth quarter during what was mostly garbage time. Afterward, Porzingis admitted to not feeling great before the game. On Thursday, he didn’t practice due to what […]

It’s All About Progress For Knicks

Knicks 116, Nuggets 110 1. There is nothing better than hearing The Garden roar like it did. These people are starving for something to believe in. It’s hard to explain to anyone outside of this city why there is so much passion for the Knicks. In most cities, an 0-3 start would mean a half-empty […]

5 Thoughts on Knicks-Nets

KNICKS 107, NETS 86 1. With all due respect to Kristaps Porzingis, it is really Frank Ntilikina that was a unicorn in the truest sense on the Knicks roster. Since the spring there has been a lot of fables and fairy tales about this mystical long-armed kid who loves to pass and play defense. But […]

5 Thoughts on Knicks-Celtics

CELTICS 110, KNICKS 89 1. The strangest statistic on the boxscore for this game was 12 three-point attempts by the Knicks in the entire game. Just 12? What is this, 1985? Seriously, that one is hard to explain. Even in the early days of the three-point shot — pre-Bomb Squad days and well before Seven […]

5 Thoughts on Knicks-Pistons

PISTONS 111, KNICKS 107 1. Another game that saw the Knicks give a great defensive effort in the first half only to seemingly run out of gas before we reached halftime. In OKC, we saw a 42-all game turn in the final three minutes of the second quarter when the Knicks yielded an 11-0 run. […]

5 Thoughts on Knicks Opener

THUNDER 105, KNICKS 84 A game that the Knicks led 34-30 early in the second quarter and were tied at 42 with 2:43 left in the half got away quickly to close the first half and through a tough third quarter. Jeff Hornacek saw a spirited defensive effort early on, but the energy that took […]

For Better Or Worse, Melo Forever A Knick

There is no debate when it comes to judging the Hall of Fame credentials of Carmelo Anthony. He’ll be in Springfield when his eligibility arrives with his trademark smirk and maybe even a headband diagonally positioned over his gleaming eyes. Even if his tour in Oklahoma City — and wherever else his career takes him […]

KP Feeling Good About What’s Ahead

The first thing you noticed was the quiet. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a pall over the events at Knicks Media Day on Monday at the MSG Training Center. There were smiles and conversations. There was a collective good mood and the usual giddiness that comes with the start of a new season. But […]

Knicks Hit Reset After Front Office Restructuring

Don’t overlook the two key words in the statement released by Garden executive chairman James Dolan on the announcement of the new Knicks hierarchy: “Today marks a culture change for our organization,” Dolan said of the appointments of Steve Mills to team president and Scott Perry to general manager. Culture change. [Robbins’ Nest: Knicks’ Culture […]

What Hardaway Move Means for Knicks…

So a dubious streak by the Knicks finally came to an end this weekend and it comes with somewhat of an asterisk. The team announced on Saturday that they officially signed restricted free agent Tim Hardaway Jr. to a contract reported to be a four-year deal worth $71 million. Hardaway Jr. was a first-round pick […]

What’s Next as Knicks Go In New Direction?

The record speaks for itself. The 80-166 mark in three full seasons as Knicks President, the three consecutive years without a playoff berth, the three coaches in three seasons, essentially three different variations of rosters and, of course, the one constant: The Triangle. After all of that, we woke up to the news yesterday that […]