What is MSG GO?

With MSG GO, you can watch live NY Knicks games, Knicks pre-game and post-game coverage and MSG Networks’ Emmy award-winning original programming.

MSG GO is available at no additional cost to subscribers of participating television providers who receive MSG Networks as part of their pay television subscription.

Will I be able to watch NHL content?

Due to NHL league restrictions, NHL programming is not yet available on MSG GO.  We are working hard to secure the rights, so check back regularly for updates.

Will MSG Go offer all Knicks games?

For qualified subscribers, the games available on MSG GO will be the same as the games available for them to watch on MSG Networks at their home service account address. If a Knicks game is not televised on MSG Networks or the subscriber’s home service account address is in an area that does not receive Knicks games, then the games will not be available on MSG GO.

Is there a cost to download MSG GO or an additional subscription fee?

MSG GO is available at no additional cost to subscribers of participating television providers who receive MSG Networks as part of their pay television subscription.

How do I sign in to MSG GO?

Once you open MSG GO, select “SIGN IN TO WATCH” and you will be asked to select your TV provider. You will then be prompted to sign in by entering the username and password issued to you by your TV provider.

What if my TV provider is not listed when I try to sign in?

If your provider is not listed, select “DON’T SEE YOUR TV PROVIDER” at the lower part of the sign-in screen and select your TV provider.  By selecting your provider, you will be signed up to receive a notification when MSG GO becomes available from your TV provider; web users will be notified via e-mail and app users will receive an alert on their device.  App users should make sure to keep the app downloaded in order to receive their alert.

We are always working diligently to add more TV providers to MSG GO.  Please contact your television provider to request MSG GO.

What if I forgot or don’t have a username and password?

Please call or visit your participating TV provider’s website to register for a username and password.

Will I be required to sign in every time I visit MSG GO?

You will not be required to sign in every time you visit MSG GO.  Periodically, you may be asked to sign in again with your TV provider credentials to verify your TV subscription.

Why must I enable location services?

Due to league and programming restrictions, MSG GO requires mobile device users to turn on location services.  MSG GO will use your location to ensure you receive the appropriate content based on your TV subscription.  To learn more about how MSG GO uses location information, please review our PRIVACY POLICY.

Is MSG GO available outside the United States?

MSG GO is only available if you are located within the United States.

On what mobile devices can I use MSG GO?

MSG GO is currently available for use on mobile devices that use the Apple iOS or Android operating systems.  Apple devices must have iOS 7 or higher and Android devices must have Android 4 or above.  You can download the MSG GO app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Can I watch MSG GO on my computer?

Yes, go to MSGGo.com and select “SIGN IN TO WATCH.”  For the best experience when accessing MSG GO on your PC or MAC, it is recommended that you have Internet Explorer 10 or higher or the latest version of Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Why aren’t videos loading on MSG GO?

MSG GO will work on WiFi or cellular. If your video is frozen or blurry, move to a location with better network connectivity.

I have a broadband subscription but do not have a television subscription.  Can I access MSG GO?

No.  You must be a subscriber of a participating television provider and receive MSG Networks as part of your pay television subscription.

Does MSG GO offer closed captioning?

Yes. Closed captioning is available for all programming. On the web and on iOS devices, it can be accessed by selecting the icon at the lower, right corner of your player.  To display captions, select the CC icon when the video is playing. On Android devices, go to Settings > Accessibility > Captions. You can choose to turn on captions by sliding to the On position.

Is there a wireless data charge for using MSG GO?

MSG does not charge for using MSG GO.  However, some wireless providers may charge wireless access, data and other fees; please check with your provider to confirm you have an appropriate data plan and to see if any such fees may apply to you.

Where can I learn more about MSG Networks’ Privacy Policy?

To learn more about MSG Networks’ Privacy Policy, select the link below, visit Settings or select PRIVACY POLICY at the bottom of the sign-in screen.