EP 11: Author of “Console Wars,” Blake J. Harris

The A-Pod: Arda's Podcast of Dialogues

Oh, you lucky people. It’s another bonus episode of the #TheApod this week!

I sit down with Blake J. Harris, author of “Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo and the Battle that Defined a Generation”.

Blake and I dive deep into NHL 94, the winner of our #IceMadness tournament. Blake explains how NHL 94 was created, how it developed after talks with the creative minds behind the game and gives some funny behind-the-scenes stories on its production and player ratings.

We also dive into the retro video game battles between Sega and Nintendo, especially Sega Genesis vs. Super Nintendo. This is a must listen for any retro gaming fan!

Blake is currently working on a new book about Virtual Reality, and we discuss the future of VR and how it will affect sports: will we ever see the day where VR perfectly replicates the experience of sitting in an arena? It might come sooner than you think!

Follow Blake J. Harris on Twitter: @BlakeJHarrisNYC