EP 17: Dart Guy, the Face of NHL Playoffs Fandom 

The A-Pod: Arda's Podcast of Dialogues

This week I speak with Jason Maslakow, better known to hockey fans as “Dart Guy.”

A massive Toronto Maple Leafs fan, Dart Guy suddenly found himself as an internet sensation after appearing on the telecast of Game 2 between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals during the first-round of the NHL playoffs. Instantly, a painted-faced, Stanley Cup-mohawked, cigarette-mouthed star was born!

Not only did I find out everything about his newfound fame, but we also get a little personal and chat about working at a Toyota assembly plant, what the reaction has been from his family, what he hopes will come out of all this, and more.

Listen to this episode and you’ll understand how he became a viral sensation in the hockey world in a matter of minutes.

Follow Dart Guy on Twitter: @LeafsMaz20