Ep 23: “Ice Pilots” Star & NHL ’94 Documentarian Mikey McBryan

The A-Pod: Arda's Podcast of Dialogues

Mikey McBryan from the Netflix reality series “Ice Pilots NWT” joins me on #TheApod for a great conversation on flying planes in the Canadian Arctic and his new documentary about NHL ’94!

Hailing from Yellowknife, North West Territories, 3,300 miles northwest of New York City, McBryan is the General Manager of Buffalo Airways, an airline in the far north that flies actual World War II planes!

Hear how his family airline business all came about and how the company became the topic of a six-season series, which became a massive success in Canada and now on Netflix in the United States.

In addition, McBryan is working on a documentary about the legendary video game NHL ’94, titled “Pixelated Heroes.” Learn about his reasoning for making the documentary, the NHL players he’s interviewed and why this game has made such an impact.

Remember, it was voted by you the fans as the best retro hockey video game ever in my Ice Madness tournament!

And, some fun things to note, Mikey recalls when the Stanley Cup came up to the Arctic, what it’s like living where the sun sometimes doesn’t set and sometimes doesn’t rise, and more on crazy stories that you see in Ice Pilots!

See the Netflix reality series here.

Follow Mikey on Twitter: @MikeyMcBryan


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